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Hello everyone. I am fifteen years old, and this is my first POTO fan fiction. I hope you enjoy :)

 Title:  My Fallen Angel
Version: 2004 Movie
Pairing:  Erik/Christine Raoul/Christine
Rating:  PG
Plot Synopsis:  This takes place during the final lair scene, it's Christine's decision from her point of view.
*I own nothing. The characters and song lyrics all belong to their rightful owners.


Start a new life with me -

Buy his freedom with your love!

Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death!

This is the choice -

This is the point of no return.



I glance over at Raoul; he sends a single nod my way. I can’t do this, I can’t let him die. My choice is made. I take a deep breath, and begin to trudge through the shallow pond, the water ruining the hem of Erik’s, no, my wedding dress. I ignore Raoul’s fervent head shaking, I cannot be responsible for his death. I draw closer to Erik, his face at first twisted in rage, but as he sees me, it turns into a glimmer of hope, but mostly confusion. He doesn’t expect this.


No second thoughts, I’ve decided. Decided.


I wrap my arms around Erik, my lips meeting his. My sacrifice. I feel him tremble, unsure. As his lips press against mine, my mind returns to the first time he revealed himself to me. The first time I went down to his lair, I remember as he sang, I felt a passion stir deep inside of me. And now, this kiss brings this passion alive. I’ve never felt like this when I kiss Raoul. It holds all the wonder, the beauty, the curiosity of life. I want more. His tears roll down his cheeks, and feel warm on my skin. Poor soul. We break apart and I stare at him. His face broken, lost, lonely. My heart aches, I can feel his pain as if it were my own. The disfigured side of his face holds no fear for me now. I can see past the flawed facade, I can see his spirit. My angel. I can feel Raoul’s cold, hurt stare, but I ignore him. What brings me to kiss him again, I do not know. But longing for that warmth, that fervor takes over. Could Erik really be my choice? Is this not just to save Raoul, but have I been wrong all along? Do I love Erik? We kiss again. Intense. Magic. Wanting. My thoughts of Raoul fade into nothingness, Erik’s hypnotic presence pulling me in. All of the sudden the dead face of Buquet fills my mind. Fear creeps in. Who really is this man? A murderer, a fraud. I pull away. His eyes peer at me with a soft expression of love. I look away. How could I doubt Raoul? Erik’s passion, mystery, music once drew me in. But it's all an illusion, like the half mask he wore. All a clever ploy to hide the madness of the world. But, there’s still a part of me that can’t help but love him. He’s crying now. Is it possible to be in love with two people?


Take the boat, swear to me never to tell. The secrets you know of the angel in hell.


            He breaks down at his first taste of human affection. Tells us to go, sets us free. I run over and untie Raoul. Raoul, my safe, probable choice. Before I leave, I quietly creep over to Erik. He sits with his monkey music box, singing softly, like a child. He looks up at me as if I were his only hope, his only glimpse of light. “Christine, I love you,” he whispers. My heart lurches, I love him. More than I can say, but it cannot be. “I love you too,” I say softly. I press the wedding ring into his hand, and wrap his fingers around it. He shudders at my touch. I turn away, but gaze at him one more time. The fallen angel. I don’t know how I manage to leave him there, hurt, alone. But I’m back to Raoul, my safe haven. We take the boat, and slowly make our way down the river. Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. I sing this to Raoul, but I wonder if that’s truly where the words are directed.


We’re far down the river now, Erik has become but a tiny speck. I hear the last words of my angel, which shall haunt me forever.


You alone can make my song take flight, it’s over now the music of the night.


My heart freezes at the quiet echo of words. They plunge deep into my soul. It’s over now, and I know I will regret until the day I die.


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