Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav) (madrigalist) wrote in operagasm,
Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav)

Last chance Fan-Fic writers!

Don't make me come out of my office!

Last chance to win Phantom of the Opera Goodies!


Contest closes midnight June 6th, 2009! Get your entries in!


THE GASTON LEROUX BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE DRABBLE CONTEST! In honor of the pending release of ABENDLIED: book two of The Madrigals, I am hosting a drabble contest. This is your chance to have your writing judged by professional writers for a chance to win a Phantom of the Opera themed gift basket along with a signed copy of MADRIGAL. In addition, several contest judges have offered goodies as well.


For detailed information, rules and the theme visit  Updates and announcements regarding the contest will be posted on my blog Tip of the Quill at



So sharpen those quills and start culling your words.



Jennifer Linforth

Author, Historical fiction and romance

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