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"The Last Time"

Title: "The Last Time"
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Pairing: Erik/Christine
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Not mine...
A/N: This is a oneshot in Erik’s POV. It is basically the end of the Final Lair scene. But please keep in mind this is based on the STAGE musical, not the movie. There are BIG differences. Anyway this was inspired by and based on Hugh Panaro’s Final Lair performance. I took some liberties with the length, but there are not any dramatic changes. Like I said this is kind of in Erik’s point of view but the italics are his exact thoughts.

(Behind him he hears footsteps, and suddenly he is filled with hope when he turns around and sees her. He smiles because he holds onto that notion, the possibility she will stay with him.)

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