The Loonie Bin (lourdesmont) wrote in operagasm,
The Loonie Bin

Choose Life - Choices, Book One - Chapter Eight

Story Summary: Anders de Chagny, youngest child of Raoul and Christine and Orla Herrin, youngest child of Erik and Tallis, are two lost souls who find each other. What they do not know is that they are being manipulated by a nightmare from the past - a nightmare that has touched the lives of both families. The choices their parents made in the past come back to haunt the present. Just as the choices the children make in the present will haunt the future. Do the families have the courage to get beyond a shared past, their shared nightmare, their shared mistakes to save the future? Do they have the strength to save the souls of their children even as they find forgiveness and redemption for their own?

Chapter Summary: Two mothers meet to decide the fate of their children. Parting with the knowledge they would have been friends in another lifetime, they inform the children of their decision.
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